Palio Partners was founded in 2009 by Clark Knippers and Brendon Hollier who had years of experience conducting real estate site selection, acquisition and development advocacy for national roll-outs of restaurant and entertainment brands.

Recognizing that many companies were curtailing or even discontinuing expansion plans due to the 2007 recession, Palio Partners seized an opportunity to offer their restaurant, entertainment and retail clients growth opportunities with negligible risk by relying on its access to capital and development expertise. Since then, Palio Partners has continued to leverage its strong relationships with tenants, developers and capital sources to help clients expand their market presence.

About the name: Palio.

The name Palio Partners was inspired by Clark’s travels to Italy, specifically Siena where twice a year, the Palio horse race is held in the Piazza del Campo. The historic race features 10 horses and jockeys each representing one of the 17 contrada, or city zones, furiously racing around the circular piazza, bareback on a surface of red bricks covered in loose dirt. It’s 90 seconds of breathless excitement and winning the Palio involves a great deal of luck, will, skill, faith and courage.

Palio Partners’ logo is inspired by the Drago contrada, which has traditionally been the residential zone of the bankers. Drago won the “Palio of Peace” competition in 1945, a race that was run to celebrate the end of World War II.

Like winning the Palio, winning business involves a great deal of luck, will, skill, faith a courage.  Palio Partners is fortunate to have a strong winning record

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